UX & Architecture


If you are viewing this page, chances are you attended the ‘UI/UX Design and Architecture: Leveraging Web Technologies for and by Architects’ course as part of AIA Build Pittsburgh. If not, welcome! This also means you’ve taken the leap and have decided that you want to to expand your knowledge in the UI/UX field. Which is awesome!

You can view the presentation HERE for reference.

Course Description

It is high time architects are critical of the standard suite of digital design and communication tools that are being used in practice. These tools are typically outdated, immobile, heavy-handed, over-wrought with features, and difficult to learn. Meanwhile, web technologies are developing at a phenomenal pace and are proving to be efficiently scalable and reliable at all scales of application. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of web technologies and discuss the merits of their application in architectural design practice. More specifically, the course will identify opportunities to create early design, or “pre-design”, tools to forge new design communication interfaces. On a conceptual level, the course will discuss the parallels between traditional understanding of architectural design practice and the emerging principles of UI/UX design for digital experiences on the web.

Learning Takeaways

  • Learn the basics and the broader landscape of web design and development, and how they affect the design profession at large.
  • Learn how traditional architectural concepts and workflows can be applied to designing digital experiences, and vice versa.
  • Gain an “under-the-hood” understanding of dynamic digital experiences to projectively imagine the role of architects in the future.
  • Learn how to continue exploring the realm of UI/UX design beyond this course; what resources are out there and how to find them.